TKSA Video, AGM and Presentation Night! 2011

ONE NIGHT ONLY – Smack BANG in the centre of Tasmania @ Bronte Park 25th June

 TKSA members were treated to free accomodation, more open fires than a pyromaniacs convention, great food, including the crumbed meat pancake and chips, and two guys even kited Great Lake!

What an excellent turn out thanks to everyone for coming AND THE WINNERS ARE!

The Perpetual TKSA Trophy - Wind Hound of the Year

- For shear determination in getting to every available Ducks Nuts session and kiting everything from 15 knots to 35 and more; Dean Marshall, Hobart.

Dean accepts his award and prize of a brand new Hawaiian surfboard!

Cinematogrophronartist Award - For the best video best describing kiting in Tasmania:
Goes to  - Jamie Keliezak AKA JK!
This video was voted best by more than a dozen TKSA members as seven entrants displayed more than a dozen Tassie vids on the massive projector screen.

JK's winning video for 2011!

other awards included;  
  • Gash of the Year - Steve Overton
  • Iron Man of the Year - Brady Tassiker
  • Tangle of the Year - Best Birds Nest Ever - Dan Wilson
  • Flying Duck Award - Pete Townsend
  • Newest Member Award - Adam Hartley
  • Multiple Ocean Orgasms Award - Brady Tassiker
  • White Water Charger Award - Craig Anderson
  • Bladder Destroyer of the Year - Jeremy
  • plus many more including Treasurer of the Year!
The prize table was off tap this year with many excellent prizes up for grabs including;
  • Brand New Surfboard
  • T shirts and hats
  • Glow in the dark swords and axes
  • David Hasselhoff DVD
  • Superman body wash
  • Batman Blueberry flavoured shampoo
  • Assorted re-birthed indoor cricket and lawn bowls trophies
  • and many other exciting prizes!

but seriously, the best of all were the custom Huon Pine trophies hand made by Pete Townsend, big thanks to Pete for that, the guys were hugely impressed by the trophies.