About Us

TKSA is a non-profit association that promotes kitesurfing in the state and has a strong focus on safety & keeping beach access to kite surfers. TKSA aims to work with the Tasmanian Kitesurfing community to ensure that safety information is disseminated to all parties and we also provide 3rd party liability insurance to paid up members.

We regularly communicate with members, retailers, instructors, government bodies, the media and the general public about kitesurfing in Tasmania through our website, emails and newsletters; plus we’re in regular contact with other state associations and the national body, AKSA. We also regularly organise kite surfing events including competitions, gatherings and social sessions to develop the sport and the community together.

Joining TKSA will help all of us in Tasmania to unite our voices and our efforts to keep our beaches open to kite surfing. Membership dues will allow us to maintain this website, giveaway prizes to random members, provide refreshments at gatherings, create educational pamphlets for the local shops and members and create launch areas signs.

Once you have joined, you’ll receive a tag that you can attach to your gear (most people keep them on their harnesses) for easy identification of your membership. In other parts of the country they are required to actually kite in some locations!

TKSA Membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September at a cost of $65. Your membership becomes effective from the date completed forms and payment are received.
At present, this fee is split between AKSA as the national sporting body who receives $25 and TKSA who receives $40. AKSA directly provides you with your membership tag, insurance cover and such things as newsletters and discount cards. Your state or local association are responsible for the development and progression of the sport on a regional level and the portion of funds they receive are required to be put towards these tasks. In addition to receiving email updates, newsletters and potentially claiming a prize, paid members will receive public liability insurance. If you would like any information included in the newsletter, or if you have a message you would like sent to the members (example: awesome session report or discovering a new location) please contact the association committee.