The Ducks Nuts

The dates for the Ducks Nuts 2012 have been released! All are free gatherings and designed for the members of TKSA to get together and ride all our state has to offer. Waves, flat water, mega boosting, catching up, it is after all the DUCKS NUTS!
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Information regarding Marrawah Wave Kite Gathering!

Contact has been made to TKSA regarding what is available "at the Wave Hunting Ducks Nuts " So we will make it abundantly clear that the gathering is just that, nothing is available!

 Some kiters will be camped at Greens Point Beach and thats it. What you do is up to you. Kite within your abilities as there is no surf club duckies to rescue you. As a perquisite being comfortable surfing and kiting all swell types is obviously going to be an advantage! Take it easy eh fellas, enjoy the people you meet,  respect those in the water and on the land and all will be well.

Wave Hunting Ducks Nuts, 4 Days

26th – 29th January 2012 - West Coast Marrawah Area


Held around the Australia Day weekend, this year sees it starting on a Thursday and continuing through until Sunday

Keep your eyes on this space for possible usage of a "shack" or camping areas deemed appropriate for this year’s Wave Ducks!



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Annual Food Drive

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Donate whatever you like to TKSA, All donationg will go into the TKSA account to help make the future Ducks Nuts gathering a real awesome spectacular. To donate, contact


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The web site of old has broken down due to prohibitive costs. This here is the new, freely hosted site for TKSA. I hope you like it, and feel free to send in links to photo albums, videos and the like so I can put them up here for all the see!

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