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tips on how to get the right conditions to kite in Hobart!

#1 Seabreezes are the best. Avoid the fronts and temperature extremes.
A clear blue sky from lunchtime onwards and a warm day is your friend. A sea breeze will give you smooth wind. If the temperature is getting crazy high around the state, or a frontal system is coming through, best to hold the video camera for someone else cos things are going to get insanely gusty.

#2 Look for High Pressure systems
If one is sitting over top of us, the chances for getting a sea breeze and good kiting times is high

#3 Watch the wind trend
Save this site on your phone. Look at what the wind did 24hrs before. It updates roughly 5mins past the hour and is every 30mins. Stations to watch are Hobart Airport, Hobart, Maria island, Dunalley, Tasman Island, Cape Bruny

Droughty Hill is awesome guide when it is working. Major recent technical difficulties have been plaguing it:

#4 Watch the inland temperature trend
Campania is a good guide. If the temperature is shooting through the roof from teens to high 20's over 2-4hours, then we're in for some heavy wind. Higher temperatures inland can lead to a stronger sea breeze. And sometimes when we have a hot weather pattern (mid to high 20's plus), the northerly wind stream can dominate everything. This is bad because its all offshore wind, and very very gusty and unpredictable.
Save this site into your phone/computer/wind checking device

#5 Fly a smaller kite than you think you normally would. Especially if you regularly kite on the Mainland
Being further south, the wind here is more dense. That means more power for the same size kite you'd use in Queensland. Don't go NUTS: Never Underestimate Tassie Strength (wind and waves)

#6 Westerly wind sucks
Its all come directly over some pretty big mountains. And the fetch to all the hobart beaches is quite short. 1300m odd high summit for Mt Wellington means a wind shadow of approx 10km. This affects most of the places we kite. Any Westerly to a wind direction will make it gusty and unpredictable.

#7 Understand the wind chart & gusts
A 22knot wind average and 31knot max means 9 knot gusts both OVER and UNDER the average. Its an average after all. So flying a kite in a 13knot lull and working it to try and make it through the lull could result in you being hit by a 18knot gust. BOOM!

#8 Town is different to the Arm
The wind you feel walking around Hobart Town will be different to what its like on South Arm. Mt Wellington gets in the way, and the wind funnels down between the buildings along the streets. Watch the angle on the yachts out in the harbor. And get the binoculars/telescopes out towards the Iron Pot/mouth of the river

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