Tasmanian Kite Surfing Association Inc - TKSA

The Ducks Nuts -  It puts the lotion on the skin.

At some point in time we will have a gathering again, just not quite sure when at this stage.

Probably March the 4th!

Check seabreeze.com.au for updates!!

To join TKSA and get your insurance Australia Wide go here...  https://kiteboardingaus.com.au/




  contact us tksainfo@gmail.com


Party Wave!


Marion Bay Festival of the Falling Ducks Nuts - March 2013
This was awesome too...



Some Vids from Past years! Bruny Island Ducks Nuts


YouTube Video


YouTube Video


2010 Waves and Wet Ducks Nuts


more here...


TKSA is here to get the kiters of Tasmania together, promote safe kiting and provide insurance for its members. We are also keen to ensure access to our beaches remains open to all by educating kiters and the public about how we approach different locations around the state.

Members benefits;

  • Members automatically go in the draw to win some kind of random object! What could it be??!
  • Members receive food and refreshments at the Ducks Nuts gatherings
  • Members can try out other gear at gatherings
  • $10 Million dollar public liability insurance
  • plus heaps of other benefits from Video nights to emergency kite loans.
  • Now featuring rolling memberships, join any time!
Did anyone mention the DUCKS NUTS? The best gatherings of like minded souls, scattered around the state, making the best of wind, waves, flat water and camping! Get your divorce kit sorted out and turn up to a Ducks for a Fun, if not Hilarious time!